Amazing Sales Today


Normally I get 3-4 sales a day, today I got 12. Whats the deal? :smile:


Wish I could say the same :smile:


None :frowning:


Congratulations mate! Also good job on being featured in the newsletter :slight_smile:


What criteria so we can get featured on newsletter?


Congrats, mine is 1 sale :sweat:


I have a small portfolio and normally get 0-2 sales per day… Mostly 0 :slight_smile: Today is a record 5. Was there a sale for buyers today for the birthday?


  • Steve


I have only 1 item and it’s still 2 sales :smiley:


I can also see a boost in sales, and it’s awesome since those sales occured while Envato didn’t take author fee :smile:


The same here! We got 2-3x more sales than usually (and maybe 5x more for usual weekend).


The weekend is always really bad. :grin:


Today not, maybe tomorrow.


That’s great Condor5. Congrats. Hope the party will go on for you. :sunglasses:

I dream of 3-4 sales. :wink:

EDIT: I meant 3-4 sales a day. :smirk: Actually it’s 2-3 days a sale!


I’m just sitting here, waiting for september to start already…


today not, maybe tomorrow inshallah! :grinning: