My 8th sale today *Im Happy*

My 8th sale today Im Happy

im trying hard to make good projects and i think i made it and i will continue////

big THANK YOU ENVATO and All Buyers

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Congratulations!! Keep up the great work :smiley:

Thank you I WILL.

Congratulations! To many more!

thank you bro

congrats :slight_smile:

hi great score buddy, keep going. For your sales u’d better thank your buyers who have selected u over thousands and like your work enough to buy it …

Yes its tru big thanks for buyers too

that’s the most important thing of all , u should always think about buyers first , they are the one that make u live … with envato u would be supposed to have a partnership they make u earn money but u do to them to through very subsequent fees, in other words , that’s much of mutual business

Yes i forgoten then so . Thank you for warning me and geve me new fresh ideas all over the time since i met you

Wish you a great future in the Envato marketplace edog… congrats!!

Thank you… You to have a good salles

a guy who is starting / who has started not so long ago and has 8 sales in a day is necessarily going to have a good future , at least make decent (pocket) money, because that what it amounts to saying. Lots of confirmed guys, me included, scarcely have something like this and i am supposed to be ranked 1061st in GR according to what they said in my dashboard … (theres better but also far worst) so basically if he can maintain such a rhythm for long he should overcome lots of guys soon …

Congrats, edog! Keep going and you’ll see results :slight_smile:

YAY! That’s so cool :slight_smile:

Im sory bro i got just 9 sales of all time since i started . . I startet in august i earned 14$ and i have just 9 salles all

Thank you broo

Thank you very much

hmmm ok, i understand, u would have been an alien if , after starting such a short while ago u were having 9 sales in one day … but the way u formulated it i thought u were saying that u did …

i will like to have more sales but its going slow