After Effects designs for Instagram Story? (vertical)


Does anyone know where can I find AE template designs which were tailored for Instagram Stories? (1080x1920, vertical)
I’ve searched VideoHive but didn’t find any template in these dimensions. Seems like everything was designed for horizontal 16:9

I know, it’s possible to change the dimensions in AE… but most times it requires many more modifications to the project, since most AE templates were not originally designed for vertical screen…

Perhaps there is a reason there aren’t any ?

Instagram Stories are a very strong marketing tool… and I believe lots of people will find it useful to have such AE templates.

Will appreciate your thoughts…


Hello, Tal, could you please describe a bit what should this template be about and what should it look like? As far as I can understand it shouldn’t be longer than 30 sec, right?

Hi Tal,
I have a product that has HD, square and vertical formats - It’s a template that mostly consists of text animations but has some pre-edited comps where you just replace the images and change the length of the clips/images if needed.

Hi rgba_design, Sure I’ll be happy to explain:

Instagram Stories are different than Posts on the regular Instagram feed.
Stories are Full Screen, vertical 9:16. Either still images or Videos up to 15 seconds long.
The user can skip a story whenever he wants, therefore it’s important to create an attractive Story.

Creating 15 sec stories are one option to start with.
It is even more desirable to create a themed series of 15sec stories (by this really telling a bigger “story” in 15 second chapters)
This leaves a lot of place for creativity for AE creators.

Stories are a great tool for marketing & advertising.
Business accounts now can add links to any address they want. This is a huge strength,
allowing a brand to use Stories as a kind of “dashboard”/“table of contents”, to send viewers to a website/landing page/youtube/anywhere they want…

For a story with a link, Instagram adds at the bottom of the screen, the text “See More” & a little up-facing arrow, indicating the viewer to Swipe Up to go to the link.
This also leaves a lot of place for creativity for AE creators, as motion graphics can be used to creatively convince a viewer to swipe up.
I’m attaching a few screenshot examples.

Before posting the story, Instagram allows the uploader to doodle with a brush / write text / add stickers.
Another something I would try to be creative about if I was designing AE templates.

There are tons of Amazing AE templates here on Videohive. All I found are designed with horizontal 16:9 in mind.
I believe it would be interesting for designers to start creating for that cool, full-screen, vertical 9:16 medium.
Perhaps another niche, very worth exploring.

Instagram is probably the strongest social media today, and Stories are taking most attention.

Hopefully this makes sense and sparks some ideas.

Thanks a lot,

Thanks so much for your explanation, Tal!
It’s definitely the niche that’s worth further exploring!

Maybe you find useful this instagram stories: