After Effects CC 2015


CC 2015 is out for 2 days now, has anyone upgraded already?

How is the new preview engine working? How is the speed?

Any problems?

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I installed it and experienced this error (“RAM Preview needs 2 or more frames” ) every time I Ram previewed, got tired of purging the memory. I haven’t had a chance to look up the issue to figure out what’s going on so I just reverted to using CC 2014 again which I have no issues with.

CC 2015 also seems to be running slower on my system compared to CC 2014. Seems really sluggish. Maybe I just don’t have the right settings, no idea. Anyway, I hope to have some time soon to fuss with it some more after I finish my current project.


Worth a read…


Do you guys experience like me lags with audio ?

  • impossible to here audio in real time when positionning on timeline with “.” --> big Lag
  • 1 second of audio missing at beginning of preview.

It becomes almost impossible to synchronise your work with audio…

SpaceStockFootage said

Worth a read…

yup, did read that. Although I don’t need most of the features that are missing now, it sounds like Adobe is doing what everyone was afraid of when they introduced the subscription model: They pump out beta versions as updates and essentially don’t care about the quality of the next version because everyone pays for it anyway… They don’t have to convince you to spend money on the next version anymore, so the innovations and evolutions decrease.

Can anyone who has CC 2015 installed render a test project and compare it with cc 2014 or even cs6. Since the “render multiple frames at once” feature is missing now I’m wondering if the new engine can beat the speed of a multithreaded machine with the old engine…


it’s not “.” but using “CTRL” in live on timeline.


CC 2015 is much more slower than CC 2014 on my computer 8-16 Cores.
I would say 4 times more slower, but once everything is in cache the new live working system seems to work well. Not Bad.

I stay on CC 2014 cause of that and audio issues too.

Nobody has problems with audio in CC 2015 ?


Installed it next to my CC 2014 (you can disable the option for removing CC 2014 when installing under the Advanced Options dropdown arrow).

Opened the same project I’m currently working on and I must say it’s faster then CC 2014. I’m on a mid-2012 Macbook Pro doing an primarily 2D heavy animation job. ‘Live preview’ is playing back at 6 FPS in some pretty render heavy scenes yet it’s still faster then RAM previewing in my case.

Still, on booting the program some plugins like malty camera rig were giving errors.

Also the (“RAM Preview needs 2 or more frames” ) continues to pop up when switching from comp to comp and trying to play them back. Yet when hitting OK once, the live preview will start.

My advice is to wait it out before this version is out of beta. Not sure if this is beta? It does however feel like one.


Installed, looks like public beta. Doesn’t like new cache system, it looks slowly on my
i5 4570 16GB RAM


Hi, the workflow is working much faster, there is also no delays when rendering (because of lack of multiprocessing) I also like more intense highlight texts, the one thing I am confused with is this lack of multiprocessing, so it seems that final renders wil render slowly, Abode said that they are working on the new solution and they must rebuild some stuff, but it will be much much better that multiprocessing that we had so far…to summarize: I am happy with new AE2015, no delays, fast interface and workflow response…


So far I’m enjoying CC15. Definitely seems to run faster, and I’m loving the new space bar preview+sound feature…

Had the “RAM Preview needs 2 or more frames” appear once but didn’t returned afterwards and I’m hoping it stays that way :slight_smile:

Overall very happy with the update, but have quite a few new features to check out and explore.


CC 2015 Works great if you work on small projects with few effects, but feels like BETA, and sound sync is almost impossible.


A few of my customers are reporting problems with my templates in CC 2015. Specifically, third-party plugins like Cycore Effects are not functioning properly.

How can we offer support for these issues when Videohive doesn’t even recognize CC 2015 as an official version??? (At the moment, it’s not an option in the upload section)