Affiliate account approval

Hello Everyone!

I have sign up for affiliate account about 2 weeks ago and submitted all required TAX info. Still I don’t get approval from Envato team. When i try to login on it says “Cannot login. Account pending”. I’ve sent number of emails to studio.affiliates at but no one answers.

Is this normal to have over 2 weeks approval process?
Do I do anything in wrong way?
Thank you!

Hi @beardev,
Apologies for the delay, your account has now been approved. Can I ask where you will be referring new users to Studio from? Do you have blog, your site?
We look forward to a successful partnership
Envato affiliates team

Hi Emile,
Thank you!

We will be referring customers from our sport blog and from our shop We have our WordPress plugin integrated with number of sports themes on Themeforest…

I would appreciate if you can check those 2 pages if we don’t break any Envato guidelines. Thank you!

BearDev team.

Do you also mind to answer my couple of questions about Envato affiliate account:

As affiliate account was approved today I see that my balance is empty. At the same time I have already refereed one customer and received $18.3 on my beardev account on themeforest. Will I be able to withdraw this small amount within the next time i pull the money?

We don’t have PayPal as it is not allowed for earnings in my country. Will I be able to withdraw my earnings via bank transfer(SWIFT). If so, how do I request that please?
p.s. As far as I see that I will need to use for this purpose. Can you please confirm?

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Hello I am applying for affiliate account please approve my affiliate account I am submitting all the info

Thanks we are currently reviewing your applciation and you’ll be contacted directly once a decision has been made.
Envato partnership team