AE intro templates lacking sample music

I’ve browsed and bought AE intro templates before and the author would have a demo with sample music fitting the style of the template.

That seems to be gone now and I find it a real pain.

Whenever I bought a template I also bought the audio that went with it. Now I have to spend hours looking for music to go with the template I want.

When you hit the download arrow you do get a sample with music playing but I can find no info on the audio track to buy it.

This seems like a huge backwards step.

Or am I doing something wrong?


Usually every author (I always do) in Videohive uploads an After Effects Project Template with a link in the description to the audio track used for that project, maybe your case is an exception. The best you can do to solve this issue is trying to contact the author by sending a message via his/her profile page where you purchased the item.
Good Luck!