Advice needed: Hard Reject of My Logo Template.


I’m new here so i’m very curious why is my Apple Logo Template has been rejected by Reviewer?!
Here is a preview of my work:

Could the problem lie in the fact that, initially, i made it for open competition for the new logo of the existing company Apple Real Estate? But in Description i warned that the text in Preview is just for presentation purpose.

Thx in advance for any of your advices and opinions.

P.S. Of course, it would be the most great and helpful to hear opinions coming from Administration Representatives and those ones who have much experience in selling their artworks via Envato. Thx again.

I think your logo is comparable in quality to many recently accepted logos. Maybe you can play with the colors and work on your presentation a little bit, add some descriptive text. Having said that, it will probably get rejected regardless. I have been trying to get my logo accepted and also asked for opinions here and made many changes. It still got rejected with no reason ever provided. And it’s not only me. You can find many recent posts in the forum about rejected logos which seem just fine. I personally do not think the logo review process is fair and I won’t be wasting time to submit more any time soon.

This is just an opinion of course. Good luck if you decide to resubmit.

Thank for your reply, opiadeus. Few hours ago i’ve sent another my artwork for approval. Now i’m gonna wait and see what outcome i’ll get this time.

Anyway, thank you again for your feedback! Wish you Good Luck!

Another one hard reject. Can anyone say what’s really wrong with this my project?