Add photo on description, i try what was explain in this forum but failed.

Hi everyone. I have some item on videohive. I want to add some screenshoot, but I failed. I was try to search in this forum, and found someone give the answer but not work for me. I attach photo i was try.

What’s wrong? I was try on many server like google drive (i was set sharing to everyone), mediafire, flickr and dropbox. But nothing work.

Thanks before who people give me correct answer.

HTML code looks correct. As I know you can’t use google drive and dropbox. I’ve never used mediafire, but Flickr should work. :thinking: Can you send me your links from all these sites. I’II check them :face_with_monocle:

Thank you for the reply. This is one example.

That’s right. I recommend Flickr, it works very well :slight_smile:

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I’ve put it to my profile description. As you can see it works

Don’t use the straight link of the image. It doesn’t work.
Go to the codes of the page and find your image. That’s the right link.

I use Google photo

Yeaaa i see. One more romlan, i’ve try to get it fit photo from left to right. What is the actual pixel size and is there another code that I must write down?

Maximum width 616 pixels :arrow_left: :arrow_right:
An image that is wider than 616 pixels will be reduced to 616 pixels.
I do not quite understand your question about the codes, and can’t understand how you want to fit photo from left to right :man_shrugging:

Like this. How can i make screenshoot fit like in the main preview video (from left to right).

And I found the answer. I think, my screenshoot image is to long. I make 3 image only, and it’s work. thank you romlam for the help :slight_smile:

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