Ad-hoc theme by Bold Themes

I bought a Ad-hoc theme from Bold Themes in 2016, and I need to update it (to Wordpress 6.2.2 and for soon php 8 usage) and Its now running at php version 7. But the theme from Bold Themes is discontinued. The site isn’t working as I update to Wordpress 6.2.2 and the theme is outdated…

Can someone tell me what to do? How can I contact Bold Themes about this?

I am now running the Ad-Hoc portfolio theme 1.1.6. and I saw that there was once a 1.2.6 version. Can someone maybe help me to get this version? I have an official registration code at themeforrest/envato.

This is the site running now at Wordpress 5.4.13
(personal info removed)

You can contact the author via their profile, however, unfortunately once items are removed there is no way to access any versions of the files any more.

If it’s been discontinued (it’s possible that is is just soft disabled whilst being updated) and was not up to date, then it might be more sensible to consider a new theme which is more up to date to prevent continued issues going forward.

The alternative is to hire a freelancer to look at updating the theme for you to make it compatible but again if it has been removed i suspect that wouldn’t be a simple job.

The item has been removed sometime around 2021. Contacting the author won’t change anything as it hasn’t been supported for long time ( theme is from 2015 )

What you can do to change the theme and start your website from scratch or as @charlie4282 suggested, hire a freelancer to get the theme updated. If you’re interested, I’m available. You can contact me anytime.

Thanks for your reply

I guess that’s what i have to do, the site is from my client (I am a graphic designer from Holland). To make a whole new site costsway too much. Can you give a price and time indication what the costs are to get the Ad-hoc theme updated?

Just sent an email, we can discuss the details over.