Active Ecommerce cms OTP Addon BUG

HI Recently i bought a product from Active IT. the product is their CMS script. I have additionally bought their Paytm Addon and OTP Addon. After installing the Addons the site throwed a Major BUG.

  1. When a user register using their email id and buys a product the Paytm addon is working fine, it asks to just add the phone number in the profile.
  2. But when i activated the OTP addon and register using phone number instead of email. the user cannot buy any product and the Paytm payment gateway is not working.
    In this scenario the OTP addon is useless in this script.
    I have raised a request with the support team and they came with a solution, and the solutions below.

If i use the OTP addon user has to register using phone number and has to verify it and additionally they have to navigate to their profile and have to update their email id and they have to verify the mail as well. this is reducing the user experience.
I told them that in my case the OTP addon is no more in use and i am not able to use that so kindly initiate a refund.

But the their support is replying like - its up to you. you can use or disable the Addon, we cannot give a refund, because you used it.
i dont know what kind of answer is this.

Moreover the OTP addon documentation is not updated an incomplete. there is no Fast2sms implementation documentation.

Kindly share your opinion. and if evanto is watching this kindly help me in this issue.

You can ask directly to the author of Active Ecommerce CMS. Create a support ticket and ask them, or report the bug directly.