Account Merge


I have a bit of a technical problem I can’t find solution to. I have account on Codecanyong which is made through registration form. I am using that account for years and I have approx 6-7 bought scripts on it. However, the last item i bought, I bought via Sign in with google button. Now I have one script on a separate account away from others. I’d need something like account merge, or just to transfer that script to main account.

( Same email is used to register on Codecanyon and to Sign in with Google )

I’m sorry if I choose wrong section, but I have no idea in which one should my post be posted.

Thank you for your help.

Typically merging accounts is not allowed but you need to ask Envato Market Help and Support


Aha, thank you this is exactly the link I needed but couldn’t find.

Cheers mate