About upload the product

i want to upload the product(android unity game) at codecanyon but i don;t have play store account i want to that it is necessary the play store app link for upload the product , when i start upload there is a box to ask demo link play store base, play store link is must or not please help me

Hello AwaGames,

A Play Store link is not required, you can just link an APK file.

I don’t understand what you mean by I don’t have play store account. I mean, you already have one app published on CodeCanyon and there is a Play Store link. So, what’s the issue here?


yes there is one app on codecanyon with play store link but i just want to know if i publish another app which is not have play store link then first i upload it on play store and get the play store link

As far as I know, you are not required to upload to Play Store at all.

Since both the Play Store link and the APK file may cause issues with the CodeCanyon iframe, I would suggest having a landing page from your website as preview, with a big button going either to Play Store or to the APK file.

Thank’s #Honeyside