About Subscriptions

I am asking about the subscription “ndividual plan - From $16.50/m”.

If I subscribe to this subscription plan, can I also download “Stock Video”?

Is there a limit to the number of downloads per month?

  1. It’s not $16.50 a month unless you sign up for a year. Month by month it’s closer to $33

  2. Yes, stock video from envato elements Royalty-Free Stock Video - Download HD & 4K Video Clips NOT videohive

  3. No limit BUT you have to be actively subscribed when creating a project using the video so you cannot stockpile and then a unsubscribe

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Thank you, charlie4282.

I would like to ask two additional points.

Are “envato (Stock Video)” and “videohive” two different services?

What happens if I create a video using materials downloaded from “Stock Video” and then leave “envato”? If I post the video on You Tube, will I have to delete it?

Videohive is individual stock video downloads. Envato Elements is the subscription version.
Some items exist on both marketplaces and some are exclusive.

You have to be subscribed when using an item to complete a project, so if you finish a video then unsubscribe you can still use that video afterwards. You cannot use the footage as part of a new video once you have unsubscribed.

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Thank you very much.