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I am working on an affiliate script to submit in Codecanyon. I have two questions-

  1. Can I add Godaddy or Namechep logo in my demo?
  2. Can I place Godaddy or Namecheap registration link as an example of domain registration?

Thank you.

  1. I think no, you can’t use any Brand logo
  2. I think you can

more informtion here:

What Assets Can I Use In My Items?

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Thank you.

I didn’t find any information about link sharing. I just want link goddady like this: godaddydotcom/check-domain/?domain=somethingdotcom when people search for somethingdotcom in the demo. (I saw an approved item doing this)

I have another question, I just learnt that I cannot embed any youtube videos in the demo. There are some certain conditions to meet before embedding youtube videos. So if I make a screencast of my item and upload in my youtube channel and then embed it in my demo, will there be any licensing issue?
I will not use any background music or any other logo, just recording of the screen of my item demonstrating how my item works.

Thank you again.

I am not videohive author but I think you can use your own create video with your own item screenshots.

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No, actually, I am making a PHP script and want to embed a youtube video in the demo website. But envato says, I can only embed any relevant youtube video with CC 4.0. I am sure there is no such video in youtube. So if I make my own video, can use it in the demo? The video will not contain anything illegal (like trademark logo or face of people), just a screencast of my website.

I mean I don’t know much about video license but as I said you can.

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Understood. I hope there will be no problem as everything is mine.

Thank you for your time.

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