A Wordpress theme for an architectural photographer?


this is my first post on the Envato forums.

I setting up an architectural photography business and need a website that is visually and functionally simple but effective. I have been looking at available themes for a few days now but feel like I’m drowning in options, they all tell you what they can do, but not what they can’t do. If anyone can guide me towards something suitable I would be really grateful!

The website needs to do the following:

  1. a landing page with a series of full-screen images that cycle through
  2. a series of gallery pages (e.g. residential, commercial, public), each of which has a number of projects on it represented by a photograph
  3. you click on one of the projects to view a lightbox slideshow of numerous photographs of that project

That’s it really. I have no coding experience whatsoever so the visual builder needs to be straightforward and support needs to be available.

I look forward to nay help you can give!
many thanks,

you can check here: