A question fonts about themeforest PSD

Hi to all:

I need make a design PSD on themeforest sell, I have screen imac 21 for better used size fonts.
what size fonts “lato” and “montserrat” I will use fonts all body? for approved themeforest, please help me, thanks. :slight_smile:

please help me!!!


I just want to clear 1 things

The question you asked is 8hrs ago and its already weekend. so most of them are off now :slight_smile: enjoying their weekend.

you have to wait for someone to come back and reply .

Please this is a community. just wait. sure you will get some help.

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Most of the psd i see / check mainly have these font size

12px or 14px or 19px

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Many thanks :slight_smile:

Surely font sizes and just about all other styling could be anything but will be determined only by the design itself.


Many thanks @charlie4282 :slight_smile:

Refer more detail on typography here http://spencermortensen.com/articles/typographic-scale/
Good luck!

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Many thanks for link :slight_smile: regards.