A few questions about HTML template

Hi, after being a customer in this warm platform for a long time, I wanna publish my first html template. I’m a person who learned the coding a template by buying templates for my customers so, I can say that I learned all what I know thanks to envato authors and gladly thanks to awesome documents of their works & live supports (: so, thank you all from now :heart: and… let’s see if I will get help as an author instead of a customer hehe

My questions;
1- Images
I still couldn’t understand what images can I use. For example, I’ve a game list page, products etc. and there must be League of Legends, Black desert etc… images. Can I put those for preview? and if I can’t, what should I do for it :expressionless: and I also wanna know can I use images from pixabay?

2- Slider
All templates I saw, use rev. slider or owl carousel etc… So it brings me a question “is it forbidden to use bootstrap carousel?” (I customized it btw)

I read that typography is important on author help documents but I couldn’t understand what exactly should I pay attention to.

4-Css size
Is there a limit for css size? cuz I reached 400kb >.< (without minimize)

5- Renaming after publish
Am I able to rename my product with an update after I publish it? I’m thinking to make & improve my template as multi-purpose instead of making 2nd template in the future.

6- Hard rejection
Is that means my love will be garbage? or am I able to re-submit it after I fixed it?
I scared from this cuz I was thinking to use the reviewers as teachers >.<

Thanks for helps :heart:

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