A ask model camera

Hello to all… Soon I will buy a camera to create photos to sell photodune, which model is the best camera? Hopefully not so expensive.

Thank you so much…

The Canon 850D is a good entry level camera, and if you’re looking to save money then an earlier, second hand version, like the 600D, would be a good start. Keep in mind that you have to be approved to sell on Photodune, and there’s no guarantees… so if you’re buying the camera purely to sell on Photodune, that might not be the best idea. But if you’re looking to get a camera anyway… then rock and roll.

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You can buy a camera to sell on Photodune BUT you may get approved your portfolio on Photodune first.
Learn 3D software like Cinema4d or Blender3D and you can create your own content. :wink:

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Yes, i know use 3dsmax and 4D cinema.

Thank you…



My country sell camera, It not so expensive but it’s professional camera I think.

The 850D that @SpaceStockFootage mentioned is significantly better quality that the 4000D or the T7

That said you could easily take images for photodune with any of them assuming that you understand the principles and best practice behind photography.

That, and experience taking pictures and understanding what to photo, is far, far, far more important than having a super premium camera.

Also don’t forget that to do things properly you need to of sided other lenses, flashguns etc. and not rely solely on the pit of the box kit.

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Camera Canon 850D is very expensive $1227.07 usd approximately… I don’t can buy it, What I can do?

As i said, learn Blender3D ( free software ) and make your own content.
Or learn Z-brush too for 3D character design.
You won’t make it in the design world with only Photoshop skills.

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Weather it’s Blender or taking photos - having expensive tools is nowhere near as important as having the experience and technical understanding of how to use it properly.

Mastering either route to a vaguely professional standard would take a very long time

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Also I can use a software 3D very expert are 3ds max and 4D cinema but I not have much time for make it because I already have a job company in my country.


I can not make more unique 3d design for photodune because for example search “water” I have found many photos you already have please help me thank you.

category for example “water” but different design as a photo, will you accept photodune?

There’s no guarantee that you will even be allowed to submit items to Photodune - it’s not an automatic process like other marketplaces, and you need a demonstrated portfolio for approval.

You need to be careful about what you are submitting and where - Photodune is for photography. 3d or artificial images may well not belong there.

It would be impossible for anyone to predict the likelihood of approval without seeing what the submission is.

Most importantly (you’ve been advised this many times before) is to pick a category and marketplace and concentrate on that and that alone - in the last 4 days you’ve discussed logos, vectors, graphics, photography, video animation etc. changing focus daily almost guarantees rejection.

Nothing will replace investing time, patience and respect in fine tuning skills and practical experience.

Thank you so much… I have to be very patient with my work calmly, I have not told you that today I am going to upload designs, that only depends on when it will be ready.


Hey another question… when will I have a camera and I’m going to take some photos, can I edit something in photoshop, 3ds max, etc and add 3D, filters, etc?

That they will approve photodune?

Maybe it is an idea to forget selling on Envato and go to other platforms, i don’t upload on GR anymore and went to other platform. No frustrated review proces, just upload and sell.


I have approved sell in themeforest but now I am making new item with calmly and patience for good quality with more time.

you can see my portfolio in themeforest…

But unique marketplace “design” of envato I can forget is graphicriver.

I wish you goodluck on Envato.

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thank you so much :slight_smile: