A ask for sell themeforest.

Hi to all:

If I will make good idea wireframes and different styles will good sales if sell html on themeforest? please reply because I am learning earning money many thanks.

please help me thanks.

Hi @JeriTeam please provide some specific query. may be a short summary of query only.


I not understand u, please explain again thanks.

All authors:

Please help me reply my ask, thanks.

Hey @JeriTeam ask a good meaningful question !! that people can understand well


a question, if I’m going to make new idea wireframe and styles too to earn more money? they understand me?

what do you mean but wireframe?
Good/Beautiful designs are getting good sell always!!

Yes, I want make new idea wireframe not same other designs themeforest, many thanks.

I understand also good designs earn more money.

closed this forums thanks.