A ask...... before buy plugins


I want buy crack plugins with API key https://gigathemes.club/planes/ for I will to create wordpress theme than themeforest will to approved?


P.S: I not will to use templates by gigathemes.

My Spanish is not that good but that looks like the sketchiest website I have ever seen.

There is NO way that they can offer 3000 files from elements as part of their subscription or all of the themes like Avada?!

No use elements Envato, but it’s crack all plugins, template, elements envato, etc but give key api, I will to create theme wordpress original for example “elementor pro” this already have plugin elements pro key api than I can submit my design wordpress in themeforest approved it? I not want problem with envato.

I already have contact with seller plugins, template, etc, he said I need ask here forum.

It looks 110% illegal.

There is absolutely no way that they can offer those themes or access to all of envato elements as part of their own subscription.

Thank you.