New to Envato : Trying to active Envato Market & style.css issues


I have just subscribed an Envato Plan and I have 2 problems:

  1. I try to install Envato Market on Wordpress to access my downloads but it doesn’t work :

This area enables WordPress Theme & Plugin updates from Envato Market. Read more about how this process works at []

" Please Generate an Envato API Personal Token by [clicking this link]" >

It says : Access Denied. Could not load signed in user profile: The API returned an error (403 - )"

I’m unable to Generate an Envato API to import a downloaded theme into my wordpress.

  1. I’ve downloaded the wordpress H-CODE theme (elements-h-code-multipurpose-onepage-multi-page-template) for a manuel installation but it doesn’t work either.

I’ve imported the downloaded theme in .zip format but it says :

“Decompression of the extension archive…
Installation of the theme…
The archive could not be installed. The theme has no style.css file.
The installation of the theme failed.”

I checked and yes there is a style.css file into the "H-CODE_UPLOAD_PACKAGE_1.2.2/Documentation/css
" Folder !

How Can i Install this theme manually please ?

Thanks in advance for your help on these 2 points.


Elements do not come with support or updates or item purchase codes so they cannot be used with the plugin to access downloads to files

Thanks for your Quick Return charlie4282

The thing is I just don’t know how to import the Downloaded theme + License into wordpress

I Thought I just could import it from the Envato Market wordress plugin.

I don’t understand this “access denied” situation when trying to generate an Envato API Personal Token.

I just took the Plan, maybe I have to wait a few hours to be activate ?

Also, that’s not a Wordpress theme… it’s an HTML template. There is a Wordpress version of it, but looks like it’s only available on Themeforest.

You won’t be able to generate a token using Elements downloads.

As @SpaceStockFootage correctly said that is not a WP theme anyhow but for reference -

WP themes on Elements will work without needing to ‘activate’ or insert purchase codes. That is only necessary for auto-updates et. which are not included with items from elements Do I need a purchase code? – Envato Elements Help Center

Thank you, do you have a link because when I click I have an envato website saying : " Thousands of WordPress themes and website templates"

Is Envato = Themeforest ?

Here is the link for the theme I would like to use :

Elements are the subscription marketplace for Envato.

Themeforest is the full web marketplace.

Some items are exclusive to one or the other. There are some which are on both.

The link you shared above is an HTML template so will not work on WordPress.

This is the WordPress version which is only available on Themeforest (which means you get 6 months of support, lifetime updates, and access via the plugin) but not avaliable on Elements downloads. H-Code Responsive & Multipurpose WordPress Theme by themezaa | ThemeForest

Thanks for your Help guys.

I’m a little confused, but with my subscription plan, is it possible to download wordpress themes from envato.elements and import them into wordpress?

I have downloaded several themes from this link “Téléchargez des thèmes et plugins WordPress - Envato Elements” but I still have the same message:

“Decompression of the extension archive…
Installation of the theme…
The archive could not be installed. The theme has no style.css file.
The installation of the theme failed.”

Yes. Make sure you’re uploading the installable zip file within the download, not the entire zip file that you download from Elements. You need to extract the download first…