500 sales! Yay!


500 sales!

Thank you authors and buyers for great support! And thank you Envato for amazing market!


Congrats! Cool gif :slight_smile:
Oh, why didn’t i take screenshots :frowning:


This inspirational and motivational timelapse documentary movie will be much longer soon, surely! :slight_smile:
Congrats and thank you for being with us!

edit: your 300 sales thread was just at September 3, wow.


Congrats AT!


Current design is great! Cool idea with gif, congrats!


Yeeeeaaaaah!!! Rock n roll - that’s awesome! You’re an inspiration - hopefully see ya up there as well at some point soon :smile:


My congratulations, AudioTrend! Keep it up!


Man! this is amazing! congratulations!!!


Congrats! Nice gif :wink:


Thank you so much guys for your kind words! Really pleasant to hear that from you :grinning:


Congratulations man!! :wink:


congratulation and best of luck.


Thank you guys :slight_smile:


I like how your sales catch up with the amount of followers at some point! nice job!


Lol! Congrats! Great sales on those first 3 items :slight_smile:


Well done mate, you diserved it!


Congrats :slight_smile:


Awesome work, AudioTrend! Love the slideshow. I’ve been taking lots of screenshots and thinking of doing a similar thing! :slight_smile:


Don’t forget you can go to www.archive.org and go back to take screenshots any time! :slight_smile:


Thank you very much everyone! Great to hear all this from you :slight_smile: