5 replies limit ??

Hi guys! Trying to make a post in “AJ queue length” topic I see the restriction for me - 5 replies limit. I’ve read some information about the problem in the forums, about trust levels, and I see that there should not be this restriction for me, because I walk through the forums almost every day, I’m not a robot or spammer… Maybe I missed something? Thanks for help!

This rule is one for all. Not only for you

Does it just say you can’t make more than 5 posts in that topic? Does it mention why you aren’t allowed to make more than 5 posts? Could you post a screenshot?

There are 20+ users who have made well over 40 posts in that topic so I don’t think everyone is limited to 5 posts per topic.

tried one more time, now it’s ok! Maybe it was a system bug… And where can we see our trust level badges? Thanks!

I’m not sure there are badges for trust levels, but you can see your current trust level on your forum profile.

Yeah, I’ve found it, thanks!!