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Please guys! New users are restricted to 3 posts!
I’m with Envato for more than 4 years! I just didn’t use the forums a lot.
I’m participating in the discussion about this whole “tax thing” and I can’t post a fourth post/question ?
Come on! What will be the next thing? Really ! ! ! !


This restriction is only for “new users” (trust level 0), and there are more restrictions just to protect the forums from spamming.
Now all those restrictions have been removed for you because you have been promoted to trust level 1 or “basic user” (you can see your trust level in your profile).
You can find more information about trust levels here.


I think this happened to few people recently. You have been on envato for some time but new to these new forums.

It usually corrects itself after a short period.


Thanks a lot! I really appreciate it!


Thanks for your explication!