5 point AudioJungle strategy


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@RedOctopus, Thank you very much for the article, it really inspires to work, market research and customer needs!

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I read the tips for beginning authors with interest. Yes, you need to try different techniques for success. Thank you for your thoughts @RedOctopus! May the power of the muse come with us!

This is excellent! thanks a lot for this!!! i have a question @RedOctopus are we allowed to send inbox messages to audiohive authors? @AurusAudio
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@RedOctopus great read. this was super comprehensive and as a beginner on the site i feel like i now have the tools for success. i also thoroughly enjoyed the two articles you linked in the beginning. thanks so much

BlackOctopus, Thank you very much for sharing valuable and very useful information. This article inspired me, great motivation. :hugs::hugs::hugs:

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@RedOctopus Great article, thanks for sharing! :slightly_smiling_face:

I know that some new authors still find this article useful so I had to make an update:

Update: I wrote this article two years ago in November 2017. Since than market has changed, became extremely saturated, Elements have been introduced as well as Author Driven Pricing. This makes some sort of information from this article out-of-date but still you can find something useful. Though I have to be sincere, I’m not sure if this strategy still works for new authors.

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Thank you very much for putting this great article together! It looks like things have changed indeed, still lots of useful info… Do you have any statistics now if registering your music with a PRO has affected your sales here in any way (if at all)? Also the support article about PRO music here is a bit confusing - are there any registration options to keep in mind when registering Audiojungle items with a PRO?

Many thanks for sharing your experience!

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It didn’t affect.

I am not sure what are you asking about. Have you seen this? The AJ Community Guide #2 - Performing Rights Organisation Royalties (PRO)

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No, I haven’t seen this, thank you so much!!!

Thanks again for your answers and all the info! :pray: :pray: :pray:

That’s great article! It will help me!

This is all of course good and great! But perhaps still some luck should be. I’ve been trying to follow this advice for four years. And it seems like the music is not bad. I stick to regularity. But there are very few sales…

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Yep, luck, regularity and quality are the most important. But like I wrote in the update, this strategy may not work these days. Now it’s different stock, with ADP, Elements and way bigger saturation unfortunately.