Win-win tactics for long-term success on AudioJungle.

Hi guys! I would like to know (and I also think that it will be interesting to many) how did you become successful in the audiojungle? I would like to hear about long-term success.
Maybe it’s some kind of tactic, plan of action or a some case that turned your early idea about this market and made it clear the correct instructions and the formula for long-term success here.
It is interesting to hear your feedback. :slightly_smiling_face:
Respectfully! :wink:

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Tactic #1:

Never, under no circumstances share the secret to your success!!!

OK, now seriously. My “secret” is to only upload good tracks. Never had a rejection, and hopefully never will. That should certainly lead to a long-term positive experience on the market.


“JKU” technic

Just Keep Uploading =)

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Couldn’t agree more. I know it’s sad to see many new items with 0 sales. But at least it will give our items more exposure.


You have to beat PinkZebra

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@AudioDeity Can you say something on the case (something more informative and useful)?

Hey @CleanMagicAudio! :slight_smile:

Just taking a quick look at the first 40ish top authors you get quite a picture of the different approaches. You’ll find some with very small portfolios that focus on creating top notch productions with very high usability and others who pile up hundreds and hundreds of almost identical tracks with slight variations in the BPM and rhythm, key, chord progressions, melody and keep growing their catalogs as fast as the upload limit allows it. Needless to say, I’m not suggesting at all that one is better than the other; both are valid as long as they are not exact clones. In the middle of those poles, you have all the shades of grey.

So, to sum up, I guess there’s no magic formula. Each author has to figure which approach fits him/her best and how much time he/she can or wants to put into stock music composing.

Last but not least: LUCK, LUCK, LUCK! :four_leaf_clover: IE, producing a “Happy Ukulele Inspiring” 3 years ago was quite a sure shot. Today it’s most likely it would get drowned by dozens of almost identical tracks in days if not hours and you might end up in the 5 bucks wall of shame.

Well, just my point of view. Might be wrong in everything, as I usually am. Hahaha!

Cheers dude! :fist_right::fist_left:


I recently started downloading tracks, and I am undoubtedly upset by a third of my work with 0 sales, in which I invested my energy. But as practice has shown, it is necessary to improve both quality and quantity evenly, since now you can put all your efforts into one track and not get any return. I don’t know how it will be in the future, I’m just a beginner, but first you need to increase the fat, so to speak. Just an opinion.


@WormwoodMusic @Soundset @Mixsun Thanks for your interesting answers! :wink:

@PrestoSound @FASSounds Also thanks for your answers!

We performed a little experiment a few months ago. We lowered prices to $ 5.00, just to see what happened. The result was 70 sales on average over two months. We go back with prices that make more sense for the quality of the work. Result: Sales stagnated.

I believe, however, that the best long-term strategy is to keep regular uploads, always with quality, and thus help luck with relentless discipline.

Good luck and good sales to all!

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