404 Not Found Problem On Item Descriptions

There was a problem with my server because of that some of my images were giving 404 Not Found Error. Now I fixed that problem but on item description still, there is a problem.

This is my item: https://codecanyon.net/item/facebook-elements-for-visual-composer/12026917
For example, there is an image under “Facebook Embed Posts” title which points to this URL: http://erayalakese.com/envato/vc-facebook-elements/doc-assets/post1.png
But when I inspect the page with Firebug I see that image is pointing to CloudFront CDN: https://d1a6a9r46cnyll.cloudfront.net/66b03fbca9b9d9e8c7759d0646f0f6eeb91318c2/687474703a2f2f65726179616c616b6573652e636f6d2f656e7661746f2f76632d66616365626f6f6b2d656c656d656e74732f646f632d6173736574732f706f7374312e706e67

But this file is not found. Is there any cache for images?

This is because Envato is enforcing SSL on their website. Your images are http:// not https:// thus Envato must proxy your images through their own server for the images to load.

Now, for me, your images are loading fine. Perhaps it just took some time to update. In the future, see if you can get some free SSL on your website via the Let’s Encrypt project or something (contact your host?), so your images don’t need to be proxied.