yoku theme - modify learnpress lp-profile menu

Hi guys!
How do I add/remove items from lp-profile menu?
Thanks in advance

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Hi, thanks but I can’t pay 6 months support renewal just for adding an item to the profile menu

You need to figure it out by yourself then. At some point, you will have to pay, either for theme support or custom job ( freelancing )

I paid theme support when I made the site years ago, and never used wordpress since. Now I just have to change that little thing on the profile menu. So I’m asking on the technical forums like everybody else. No need to pay freelance, site is complete and working. Thanks

Forum is general purposes but not for the item support as the item support should be provided by the item author.

Although the documentation should contain some information, if you haven’t checked it, you should.

ok thanks

Hi, thanks but under the menu section I add/remove items from the main site menu.
Furthermore, under learnpress > settings > profile there’s no option to control the profile menu.
I need to control the learnpress profile menu (the one that controls only the items on the lp profile page, in the picture).

or if I misunderstood you, please give me the exact path to the section you meant. But not the one to edit the main menu, the one to control learnpress profile menu. Thanks