Yes, We made it to Elite Group!!!

Hello guys, recently We’ve reached the 7th Author Level and got the Elite Author badge, Hurrayyy! :star_struck: :tada:

We are just happy now, because it was pretty long journey and expected moment and I really wish to share these emotions with the family!

It’s very cool that Envato has such a program as Elite Author so you can track your own progress in a better way and stay more motivated. We were waiting for it, & finally it is here. Hope we must get an trophy as well like youtubers gets. May be Envato read this & sends one. Hehe…

The main thought when you reach such a milestone is that you can achieve goals you want, it really depends on your efforts and time spent. It wasn’t easy but now we believe that we can reach the next level as well…

Nothing is impossible;)

So, let’s move on! :sunglasses: