Yeees! 1,000


Thank You Envato , thanks to customers and colleagues … after 4.5 years - 1,000 sales. It was a long and slow path and the stars from the sky is not falling, but the road goes on and good luck to all :slight_smile:


Good job! Good luck to you! Don’t stop!


Thank You and wish to you many sales!


Congrats! Next stop - 2000!


Congratulations - no doubt, soon you will celebrate your next big milestone! :blush:


Thanks to ALL !


Congrats,StudioEtude! :wink:


Awesome number! Congratulations, StudioEtude! :sunglasses:


keep doing the hard work and I hope you will meet the goals. congrats


Thank you for your kind words and wishes, guys!


Wow, cool achievement, mate. Congrats.