X theme example


Hi everyone, i’m about to buy Ethos 03 from XTheme, would you guys show me the website that using Ethos theme?? will be really helping me


ha.ha. sorry wrong answer. :frowning:


Hi, Muse Master, thank you so much for your help.

I want to see the result using Ethos 03 by real website, may be you can help me with that??


haha Its ok, thank you for trying to help :grin:


no sorry - maybe you can find some from x theme support team http://themeforest.net/item/x-the-theme/5871901/comments sure they will know some websites which using their theme.


Hi There,

You can take a look at this link: http://theme.co/x/showcase/.

Hope it helps.


Hi there. Thank you so much for your help. its really helping!! :smile:


You’re most welcome :smiley: