WP Theme with Google Maps API (fullscreen map with listings as home page)


My first question went completely unnoticed, so I’m trying again: I have a website that uses a full interactive map with listings as a home page. It leverages a Google Maps API I’m paying for.

I would like to know if you have a WP Theme that allows me to do the same thing (if not full screen, I would like the map to be the first visual element in the page. I found a couple of themes as such, but these maps are not interactive - they just show the latest post/listing.

Can you help me find a theme that allows the reader to roam the map and click the available listings without having to follow a chronological order?

Thank you!

Almost any directory WP theme should allow you to do that. You may need to do some customization to have the map first on the homepage or make it fullscreen, so just choose the theme which is closest to your idea and maybe ask the author how hard would it be to customize it. Some authors may offer you customization services on their own or you can hire someone at studio.envato.com.