WP plugin for product Listing (=a product Finder with Filters)?

Hi everyone,

In the last days I’ve been looking for a WordPress plugin which allows me to do something similar to this → Ride Finder [https://compare.riderguide.com/]

That is to say, I need something which allows me to have some kind of database where I can store different products (where each product will have different attributes), and then being able to display those products in a single Wordpress Page/Post, with the possibility to filter them by the different atributes associated to each product.

I’m not looking for an e-commerce framework/theme, since I already have a content Wordpress Genesis site where I analyze different products in different posts (all of them from the same product category).
I just want to be able to display all of those products in one single page/post, and let the user navigate and play with the filters, so he can find the precise product he needs based on his filter inputs.

I would need something in the format of a Wordpress plugin, so I can straight plug & play to my current WP site. That would be ideal.

Any ideas?
Does anyone have/had the same needs? How did you solve it?

Any input is really appreciated, thanks guys!

You don’t need plugin for that, you can just get updated the WordPress page ( one or two ) to get the same results. ( Search page, for example. )

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You can create one of your own ! With php , html and css …

thanks for your answer @ki-themes

Not even needing a plugin sounds good, could you please elaborate a bit more on that?
I don’t get the point.

Have in mind please that I want to have pretty much the same thing as in here.

WordPress has built-in feature that you can filter the details by few methods. The easiest one is the search feature ( already built in ) that you only need to use /?s=product-name that will show-up the products.

You can also check wordpress.org for free “filter” plugins that you could use.