[WP] - I need SEVERAL "Fullscreen video backgroundS"

I would like to buy a Wordpress extension that allows me to display SEVERAL “Fullscreen video backgroundS” and not just one or two (my theme is MATERIALIS PRO and I can have one on the hero of the home page and another on the hero of the inside pages.
I can’t get no more than two different video backgrounds with MATERIALIS PRO…

I want to be able to put a “fullscreen background” video on any page of my choice. And that these videos are different.
I saw that this extension existed, but it is not specified if this is possible IN THE PLURAL. I’m afraid to buy it and not be able to do better than what I already have :

Do you know, do you use “Fullscreen video background”? There are better ? What do you recommend to me to have A TEN OF PAGES with “fullscreen” video backgrounds THAT WILL BE TOTALLY DIFFERENT?

Je susi français…

Hi Fortunaland!

We also have a video background plugin for WordPress in our portfolio you might want to try. It will allow you to use different video backgrounds on any page.


Somebody else can speak about the one on the link ?


Here you can find our plugin:

Multimedia Background Wordpress Plugin