Wordpress Theme Recommendation for Inspirational Quotations Website

Hi There,

I’m looking for a wordpress based theme to allow me to provide famous / inspirational quoatations - something along the lines of:




It needs to be able to summarise by topic, author etc. as well as present the quotes in a list / gallery format with pictures etc.

Each author should also be able to have a basic bio, as well as summary of relevant quotes.

Each quote naturally needs to have the usual social sharing easily available.

Really appreciate any suggestions

Many thanks


Hi, I don’t think you will find a theme specifically for that, your best bet is to search through some blog/magazine themes to find the one which will be visually closest to what you want and then maybe do some customization to nail it.


Thanks for the quick response.

Yes, I suspected that may well be the case.

I agree the magazine style themes should be able to provide a decent base on which I can then start to adapt.

Thanks again