WordPress theme quality standards [Hard Rejection]

Thank you for your submission. We have completed our review of “Fiko - Multipurpose Elementor WordPress Theme” and unfortunately we found it isn’t at the quality standard required to move forward, and you won’t be able to re-submit this item again.

Can anyone please help me Where is the issue with the theme. coding or design
there is 3demos.

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If this is what the reviewer saw then it’s a guaranteed hard rejection

Hi, this is 3 demos. actually my hosting issue and i have discuss with hosting support. they have say that it will fix within few days. here is the demos.


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This has been done many times over the years. There’s no point to add another “classic” theme to the marketplace.

Apart from that, it’s not hard to achieve something similar with “Elementor” only.

@ki-themes pretty much summed it up

Aside from that you really need to get the hosting sorted if you want to sell here, everything feels very off the shelf and looks like most generic WP themes with especially the typography and general styling needing the most work

i have see recently lot of elementor theme approve by themeforest. can you please check my theme file code?

You need to get a better design first. If the design is not desirable, codes won’t matter.

thank you. i have confusion with coding and design part. this is my first time in themeforest. 3-4years i have work in freelancer and upwork. all the code is done by my self. there no support for me. can any one please help actually which thing is issue.

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Thank you so much, i will keep in mind.

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On the hosting (demos won’t load to five proper feedback) this will cause you to be hard rejected which means even if an item is up to the standard it will be blocked from being resubmitted.

Beyond that:

The features and pages etc. are very traditional and lack anything premium or stand out

Styling generally is very plain with hierarchy and typographic issues throughout esp. quotes, blog posts etc.

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Thank you, i will move to another better hosting. actually the theme i have added all thing better customizable. i will finish design part, then re-upload.

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You can’t resubmit hard rejections.

You would need to make sure you have made significant (to the point it feels like a new item) otherwise you risk being blocked.

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ok, thank you

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Hi, i have make lot of changes and resubmit it. but, again get hard reject. can you please check again? https://fiko.roxtheme.com

Can you please check again. i have make lot of changes. but, still get hard rejection

You’re not gonna get approval with this design approach. Find better idea/execution


@roxthemes1 @ki-themes
Hey friend,
I am agree with @ki-themes, Obviously there are lots of scope to improve your design aesthetically.
You can find plenty of inspiration from online, like Pinterest, Behance, Awwwards…
Please keep in mind, design always matters.

Thanks - Prashant

understood. i was inspired from themeforest recently approve theme. i think themeforest is not for me

your design is not good and very generic your design, you need learning more, you can see for example other design number size font, spacing or not, what fonts, etc for you can give any ideas. Thank you.