Wordpress theme ideal for Venue Hire


I’m currently looking to build a website for a single community venue. I’m trying to find the right theme that would be suitable.

The venue consists of a single large hall space which is available to hire and can have several additions included with hire. (use of built-in PA system, kitchen facilities, break-out room.

Ideally (but not necessary) I could do with a theme that has a booking system built in to check availability, costs etc. (alternatively, suitable plug-in suggestions are also welcome)

Any help would be much appreciated.

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More than likely you would need to think about hiring a developer to help you do this.

Me and my team is excited to assist in creating a website for your community venue. Considering your requirements, I recommend a theme that offers:

  • Single Large Hall Focus: Tailored to showcase your main hall space.
  • Flexible Booking System: If you couldn’t get any then share your custom requirements with me so that i can tailor code and integrate or suggest plugins for a seamless booking experience, allowing users to check availability and costs.

Team promotion king is ready to discuss further details and find the perfect solution for your requirements. Looking forward to collaborating with you! Let’s discuss via envato email please