Wordpress Reservation form - Advice

Hi. New on Wordpress, just installing a theme purchased here for a friend, he owns a restaurant. The theme comes with the custom regular contact form. I need a reservation form plugin-widget. I have search in WP plugins repository but couldn’t find anything that fits my needs. Also here and in CodeCanyon, but no results.

It’s basically a form with a dropdown calendar to select the date for lunch/dinner, plus one field to set the hour. Then the regular fields (name, mail, phone…).

Anyone can give some advices on this?

Thanks in advance.


Cant you just build it yourself or not bothered :smiley: ?

Im not gonna say its simple to make but its fairly straight forward. do you want the submitions to be stored in DB or just sends email with the details?

Just send an email to client, and maybe a simple notification email to user. I can build myself in flash and integrate a swf. No problem about that, but i though WP plugin repository was going to have a few options. I found a really complex booking form plugin, but it’s expensive and exceds so far my needs. Thanks Wizy for your answer.

Are you willing to pay for it? if so you can create another post asking for a dev

Well, i was looking for a already done wp plugin, basically. If i can’t find something for free i’ll try to hire someone. But in that case maybe i can go with the swf solution made by me. Right now i’ve made something with contact form 7 plugin, but doesn’t have calendar option. Again, thanks for answering.

Although I have not used it, this looks like it would extend Contact Form 7:

I was looking for the same thing and found this one. Hope it helps.

y dont you try cforms http://www.deliciousdays.com/cforms-plugin/

Just trying out the cf7 calendar plugin. Seems to work fine. By chance the spanish version is broken, but i’ll translate the php myself. Thanks all for the advices!