Wordpress Price calculation with loose elements (not within a form)


I’m looking for a Wordpress solution / plugin that is able to calculate a price. There’s plenty of plugins that can display a form with price calculation options, but I’m looking for a slightly different approach:

On the top of my specific page, a price is displayed.
On several different places on that specific page (so not all within one form), my visitor must be able to select extra options out of a dropdown box, that add up to the price on top of the page. So, I’m not looking for an entire form, but a way to display the loose elements throughout my page, that influence a price display on a total other position on that page.

Hope someone can point me towards a plugin or other solution that does this trick.

thanks in advance!

Let me know if you can’t find it, I plan to create this kind of plugin after I finish my wordpress theme!

Hi @bjornvanoostrum,

This plugin just might do the job - http://codecanyon.net/item/cost-calculator-wordpress-plugin/12778927. At first glance it looks like a from plugin but it’s not. It works based on shortcodes, you might have to do some customisations though.

If you need any further assistance feel free to contact me @ admin@isotopethemes.com


Thanks for your reply.
I posted my question on the comment section of the plugin you mentioned, but the publisher unfortunately told me the plugin won’t meet my requirements.

bummer… I was really hoping there’s a ready-made solution for this.

@bjornvanoostrum, maybe you’ll need a custom solution then. Sorry the plugin didn’t work.