Wordpress plugin that imports imgur albums


I am looking for wordpress plugin that would take imgur album url and import all the photos (download to media upload directory) and import text into post + insert uploaded images just as it was on the imgur album


That’s some pretty specific and unique functionality. You’ll probably need to hire someone to build a custom plugin for you.


Maybe I am late on this, but I just submitted for review on CodeCanyon a plugin that is able to do this. It will be approved for sale in 3-4 days. Please follow me to get the latest updates about this plugin!

Szabi - CodeRevolution.

Well… only 3 years. I’m pretty sure he is still searching for it! :joy:

That was quick!

And the item is released: https://codecanyon.net/item/imguromatic-automatic-post-generator-and-imgur-auto-poster-plugin-for-wordpress/20849115

3 Years later :smiley: