Wordpress plugin smilar to sniply, back.ly or hellobar


Do you know if there is a plugin which acts like Snip.ly?

Snip.ly lets you frame content you want to share, allowing you to add your own calls to action in the frame, and show 3rd party content inside the frame.

You need to enter the URL of the 3rd party content, and snip.ly creates a frameset on their site you can link to.

i have a similar plugin but you guys make it spam because i add link here.

hello, i just checked your plugins but cant find a plugin to do that, maybe you can tell us its name ?

its Advanced Floating Content

Hello, i am not sure we are talking about the same thing :slight_smile:
here what we are lookig for :


it needs to be customised,would you like to develop one ?

Please add me on skype ; codetides
so i can explain you how this plugin can perform same functionally as your required.