WordPress Event/Conference Ticketing Plugin

Hi everyone,

I want to sell tickets to a conference. I have seen that there are plenty of different options out there for selling tickets to events/conferences which can all do the basic task of allowing customers to buy tickets for events.

So I was wondering if anyone knew of any event/conference ticketing plugin that could do either of the following:

  1. Allow add-ons to a ticket? So for example, if I wanted to offer the customer to be able to attend a dinner at my conference for an additional fee on top of the main conference ticket. Ideally, when a ticket has been purchased, there would also be a way to allow customers to login and edit their ticket to add-on the additional services at a later date.

  2. Change the checkout/registration form depending on what type of ticket is purchased? For example, if I offered a student ticket for a cheaper price, is there a way I could get my form to dynamically add fields if they choose the student ticket rather than a standard ticket?

Any recommendations would be greatly appreciated.