WooCommerce Moneris Payment Gateway Item has been rejected


Hope you are doing good.

I am new into the plugin developer and just started to create more plugins as well.

We just created new WooCommerce Payment addons called Moneris Payment Gateway with WooCommerce but I got the rejected message from the support.

How can I check the quality for this?

Can you please help me?

Arpit G Shah

Please post a link to your demo, or screenshots if you don’t have one.

Thanks! So I’m not really familiar with Moneris; is your plugin any different than this one? - https://codecanyon.net/item/moneris-ca-eselectplus-gateway-for-woocommerce/1725108

The tokenization is for the saved credit card details, right? How does that work? Do you use Moneris or any other third party for that?

Yes, Moneris allows the tokenization now. We can use token for next purchase. It’s within the Moneris API only.

Should I send you Moneris Documentation link?

Sorry. I don’t think the reviewer sees saving credit card details as a major feature which warrants two plugins for the same payment gateway. Ultimately, Moneris saves credit card details as well. (edit - whoops, no it doesn’t, was looking at a bad source). Unfortunately you’ll probably have to move on with a new plugin idea. Not much else that can be said, really. :frowning:

Actually, I have send them screenshot as well, My Friend.

Should I resubmit and tell them about this new featured highlighted or something? any idea? I have just started to develop plugins and this is my first plugin has uploaded.

No, the reviewer would have seen those features. I would suggest that you move onto a new plugin which isn’t already fulfilled. If you’re going to make an item that is already being sold, you need to have a significant number of unique features, not just a few.

I see, It may be having issues with the name as I have used?

I have added my website link as a plugin developer and Author. and Plugin Name is CWD Moneris Payment Gateway. Does this cause the issues?

add a new extra gateway like payu,paypal etc. if you can…
maybe it helps… same items generally rejected…

Yes, Sure, If we can add new additional features into the existing payment gateway then does it accepted or it will be only allow with existing plugins approved developer?

I am planning to add new featured that are not into the existing gateway.

Does this make sense?

acceptence of envato is hard :slight_smile: but I hope they will :slight_smile: