Will Power Elite Author actually means something?

Before making a purchase on Envato, I always look at the author’s portfolio. In addition, if the mention Power Elite is displayed, it secures me in my choice.

However, most recently, the sudden and unannounced death of Webnus, who was a Power Elite Author, made me question about the true meaning of this badge.

Is this powder in the eyes? Does it have real value? What does this mean for a customer? Should Envato be more attentive? More rigorous in the attribution of this mention? I’m asking the question … !

Someone has an answer? Thanks to the Envato management team for taking a few moments to reassure me.

As for Webnus, they seem to completely disappear from the map.

The Power Elite means only that the author has sold more than $1 million. Of course, with such number of sales and customers, it also mean it is the author with a lot of experience.

On other side, we are all just humans and there can be a lot of reasons why he have stop to sell themes (I really don’t know what the reason is). And, as I know (maybe I am wrong with this) you can’t leave/give it to someone else (your account/items).

The point is, nothing lasts forever.

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