Why was my wordpress themes rejected?

Hello, Why was my WordPress themes rejected? I would like to show my Demo http://corpj-demo.themehurst.net/

I was submit 4 WordPress theme least 1 year. They rejected all of them, Here is another demo https://www.gymo.demo.distinctcoder.com/

I just speechless.

I know how it is to get a hard reject, it hurts but the reviewer is right, your theme looks outdated and it has been done too many times before, you can find similar themes like yours on themeforest so many of them that you can’t tell the difference anymore.

I think you need to develop/ design something unique and original it is the only way you will get approved to themeforest, this marketplace is very strict and restrictive the best of the best so you will have to create something that fits into this patern.

I am sorr if I seam harsh but this is the reality.

I am sure someone else will give you some advices what you could do to improve the theme but I don’t think it will be approved with the current concept.

I can’t agree with if my theme outdated then avada also outdated too. Why update options? Sorry.

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Avada is constantly updated to keep it fresh. The last update was only 4 days ago, so it;s not like they just uploaded it 7 years ago and left it to rot! As for your theme, I think if you changed the fonts, changed the logo, reduced the size of the header and the footer, added more content to the footer and used better icons (they seem a bit all over the place at the moment)… then it would make quite a difference. Whether it would get accepted or not is another matter… but would be a good place to start.

Yes, that’s the process. we will also update your items in a regular basis. How they told outdated http://prntscr.com/p0ruwa … In my theme i use all the latest version plugins.

Your themes are of good quality, do not give up, you are near the level required to make them approved (both of the themes you posted but more the gym one).

Try to improve more details (like the team social icons) and add more features, a good idea is to add more advanced sliders made with Revolution Slider.

Mind that Avada has been approved years ago, it do not reach the design level required now but this do not matter, it has been already approved. To do a comparison with other themes check only the ones approved in the last months :wink:

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You can’t be an exclusive author and sell items elsewhere

Its for design. The design too simple and old. Also not has enough unique variations.

I think first improve design and then re-submit.

As we are in 9th level, we still getting rejection for design issue. So, I personally submit PSD design then working on WordPress Version.


I would suggest you to start selling it on your own website as once the items are hard rejected then it will not be uploaded or you will not have a chance to upload it again. Envato is soon going to be dead as you can see many authors have already left the market and started selling themes on their own market or on their own website. If you get hard rejected just simply sell it on your own and I’am sure you will start earning good enough money on your own website. It will take a month or two and a simple marketing strategy to get sales on your website.

I have plenty of sites which i can’t list here but those are not suitable currently and still got approved.

I can understand the frustration level. I also faced the same and earning now earning more than what I was earning on Themeforest sales.


Thanks i like your advice. But how people trust me and purchases from us. I already have a website and i was try it before. But i can not get any sell… Do you know how many times i get heard reject from them it’s almost 50 times. I know i have an ability. But that’s kinds of incident make me ceased.

But i will try again. Thanks you.

Great idea. Can you help me show some marketing ways for website to sell theme ? Thank so much