Why my theme has been rejected?

Hello to everyone,
I hope someone of you can help me and my development team.

We uploaded our first Wordpress theme on ThemeForest and we received an email where the reviewer said that the item isn’t at the quality standard required.

Here’s the complete message:

“Unfortunately ‘WordPress’ has higher standards in terms of aesthetics. As higher quality items become available in the marketplace, approval requirements will increase to maintain appropriate marketplace quality.
While I’d be able to provide feedback as to how to get this approved, I can only do after it has crossed a certain threshold, quality wise. I’m sorry to say this isn’t there yet.”

In order to help you to understand we give you our demo url of the theme: https://ambitodesignprova.altervista.org/

We hope we can together understand the accurate reasons which led to the reject.

Thanks for you collaboration
Best Regards

Your theme needs a lot of work in typography and spacing departments, but even if you’ve fixed those, you would still have a very generic theme which doesn’t bring anything new or interesting to the table. There is nothing premium here. Take a look at some recently approved themes to get a glimpse of what level of quality is expected:

Thanks for your fast response. We’re going to work a lot to improve our design.
But can you tell me exactly what do you mean by “typography and spacing departments”, with some example if is possible.

Thanks a lot for your answer

Kind Regards

There are typography and spacing issue all around the design. It is not about one or two places, it is everywhere.