why is my item rejected?

Hi everyone, I have an item that is rejected, if a friend in this forum is willing to review the shortcomings of my HTML template, why it got to reject, and provide additional input and knowledge that is useful for me and for those who read this topic, and for who gives feedback and suggestions I thank you.

does using github link for review be allowed?

link = Getup | Responsive Portfolio

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With respect, this is nowhere near the necessary standard for here.

  • The one-page resume concept has been done thousands of times and again, with respect, to a much higher and more original standard.

  • There is nothing premium here that could not be downloaded for free online

  • The basics like hierarchy, typography, etc. all need rethinking

  • Copy-paste one sentence time and time again is just lazy and feels very unfinished

Thank you sir, for participating in answering questions from me