why hard rejected??

I am not sure why is this flyer rejected. Any comments plz.

Other than the copy (which is not a good font choice and hard to read) how much of the rest of the design is original and designed/created by you? e.g. the balls, cards, background, headline text

Those have been originally created by me.

I want to know about composition whether is it good or bad.

hi @Satgur
You design flyer is good but problem typography difficult to read “24 lorem street…etc” and also “club name presents”

So if I correct that and resubmit will that work?

Look you… I see your flyer unique error is font but I am not sure if approved it… I am not reviewer… I think that your flyer already hard rejected mean not again submit.

While I acknowledge the font choice for the copy could be improved for better readability, I’m interested in understanding the originality and creation process of other design elements. Could you provide insights into the creation of elements such as the balls, cards, background, and headline text? This information would help assess the overall design and address any potential concerns effectively. Thank you

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Nice that’s Good

@Satgur You can’t download any in freepik nothing for similar this… you can create illustrator or 3D unique and original design gr will to approved it.

hi buddy, I personally really do not understand … some side texts are slightly lacking contrast but this is all that I see … for me there is no problem with the font u used and most importantly again the composition is super solid and the global style really tasty and harmonious

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