Why hard reject?

Please help me understand why my item was rejected. I have already uploaded two SFXs, even tried to upload the first SFX twice with specific fixes, I carefully checked everything as it was written.

And still a rejection came, the reviewer writes: “This item does not meet the general commercial quality standard required to be accepted on AudioJungle, unfortunately.”

From the article that was sent to me, it was not clear that these are the moments: 1. Not be compressed to the point where the aesthetic quality suffers. 2. Be well constructed. 3. Be easy to customize. 4. Not include your logo, URL, or watermark (you may include information about your services in an attached help text file).
And so on … How to understand all this correctly?


Sorry for my English and Google translator:-)
I would be very grateful for your help and attention! Have a nice day!

Hello! Just post preview of your rejected items here if you would like other authors to point out your mistakes.


Okay! These two SFX are:

The sound quality is very low. You need to heavily improve that.
Also how do you see these sounds useful in any commercial production?

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