Why don't you do anything about scammers?

I have been working with the provider of this plugin for days.
The plugin is unusable and completely buggy. Of course it is not your job to control this, only when I try to warn other users my comments and / or ratings are deleted. Why?
It is proven that there are problems, already in the demo, I have several proofs. The provider argues by e-mail. “Buy support then we will help you”. No, there are functions that should work from the beginning, but it does not, instead the provider tries to get even more money for nothing, that should be punished. Why do you simply delete comments from us without taking them seriously? It’s not the first time that plugins are completely broken and sometimes don’t even give support, your disputes are simply deleted without comment. I am curious how you will deal with it if we simply get our Paypal money back, then you can try to get the money from us.

I’m not sure what’s the exact problem you’re having but it’s not normal to post comments over and over again related to one issue you’re having. ( It’s called flooding )
I have seen some of your comments are available yet most of them “marked for review”. Along with it, you have done your part rating the item and if you want to use the item, you may need to hire someone else to get it fixed for you, request a refund ( if it’s within the 30 days after the purchase ) or find another item.

Assuming that the author is asking you to purchase "the support’ period, it means the you have bought it more than 6 months ( one of your comments: 6 months ago )and they have rights to ask you to purchase “support” before replying your questions.

Apart from that, it’s normal on same cases you may have some issues. You could contact the item author and request an update but they may not be entitled to update the product as you are buying it “as it is”.

I’m not sure PayPal would be refunding the money after 30-days period but even if they manage, your account will be blocked and you won’t be able to access the marketplace. If you register a new account, you may have been blocked as well.

The best solution is to contact Envato support and request an item quality check. They will review the item and inform the author if the item is not as advertised and they will take an action.

Please check your mails!We could not continue to use our license on a new system and could not deactivate it on the old system because we had changed the server!

It seems that the item was working fine before you changed the server.

I have sent some emails asking to reactivate the license, we have changed our domain and I can no longer use the license.

According to the Envato terms and conditions, when you change the domain, you will have to purchase a new copy. You cannot use the item on multiple domain names ( end-product ) when it’s been installed on a system.

I believe the issue has started after this point.

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We can’t return it because we bought it and didn’t want to/can’t use it until a year later.
However, this has nothing to do with the fact that I buy software that doesn’t work, you also say: “Tough luck, you bought as seen.”
No problem, then I’ll put a non-functioning software online for 30€… if that’s the case, this is a paradise for scammers.

Ah and by the way.
This is not called flooding. GreenTech has the comments checked.
The user has written his first comment, which is also deleted. So don’t talk to me about “flooding” if you have no idea.

It doesn’t really mean that they are “marking the comments” as any of the authors could do that. ( I could mark those comments too on another authors page )

Again, just from what I read and I checked, it seems your frustration started after changing the domain/server 6 months ago, since then there were no reported issues and just now when you decided to use the item again ( If the domain name changes, you will require to purchase a new copy ) at the same time when your support period is over and author is requesting an active support period to answer your questions or fix your problem.

As they are not rejecting anything but you’re insisting to not to get extended support. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not exactly sure what’s happening as well but if that was me, I would be having the same attitude, You cannot expect a life time support on one purchase.

As long as you’re ready to take a responsibility for your action, you could do anything with the codes but I suggest to purchase the extended support and find a middle way to get along. If you come up with this attitude to the author as well, he has rights to ignore your messages and report the comments.


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One question in advance: Do you still believe that Santa Claus is alive?

In the past, I have submitted a dispute for a plugin that no longer works at all.
The provider did not reply, envato closed the ticket after 2 months without comment, without paying back.

I already wrote to envato 3 months ago about this plugin and have not received a reply to date.
I wrote a ticket a week ago, no answer.
I wrote 3 days ago, no answer.

This is one big laughing stock here.

I understand your frustration and I had similar issues earlier for the few items I have purchased for my clients. I didn’t want to get the refund or spend lots of time trying to get a proper answer from the author/support, I ended-up fixing those issues by myself. For me it was a faster solution but it may not be a good option for you. That’s why I suggested earlier, if you don’t want to deal with these issues, hire someone to do the all job for you.

You can’t expect 100% perfect solution for the item from the template you’re paying 60/70$, if it was a custom work that would cost at least 3000$/4000$.

I agree.

So we are pushed to use the demo to identify as much issues as we can before you purcahse. If it’s provided in the demo and you miss to test a feature which turns out to be buggy, then it’s on you and you have very minimum chance of getting a refund.

I noticed a bug about a feature of a product I wanted to buy, placed a question as a comment and got it flagged and removed.

It’s indeed frustrating.

I’m not sure what the case is here with him/her, every cases are different, you may be having another/different issue with different item category/different author.

You have 30 days to dispute the purchase, as him/her case, you cannot complain something that doesn’t work after 6 months, changing the domain ( against of terms and conditions at Envato ) and while the author is willing to help but you’re not purchasing the additional support that you should pay for it.

Authors cannot remove the comments. If it’s removed, it’s from Envato end and it’s probably against of “comments rules”. Apart from that, find another item if that one doesn’t work for you. Pretty sure it’s not a unique project and you could find similar ones.

Envato agreed to refund as it was clear that the seller lied and has a poorly coded / functional product. This was more than 10 days ago.

I still have not received the refund in my account / card. Have you ever had to wait this long for a refund and what are my options at this point?

Thank you

If the refund has been confirmed by the author or Envato, it may take 7-14 working days ( sometime longer, depending on your bank )

If you’re planning to spend the money, you can contact Envato support and they could refund the amount as “credit” to your account to be used for later.